When mixing drinks: what is the difference between shaken vs stirred?

Answer Shaking and stirring both have the same ultimate end goal: to chill the drink by moving it around the ice.Stirring doesn't get the drink any colder than shaking, but stirring does take slightly lon... Read More »

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What's the flavor difference between shaken & stirred martinis?

The classic martini of yore was stirred, "so as not to bruise the gin." (as martini is 5 parts gin and 1 part water and olives) W. Somerset Maugham declared that "Martinis should always be stirred,... Read More »

It's my round, I'm having a vodka martini, shaken not stirred. What can I get you?

C3PO,Very kind of you.May I have a large bourbon, Jack Daniels is fine, or Southern Comfort, with a simple splash of soda, and a couple of cubes ?Oh, and a small cigar to fiddle with ?I promise to ... Read More »

Upset stomach after mixing drinks?

I think using the toilet is a great idea. Other than that do or take or eat whatever helps to sooth your stomach and in time you will feel better. Some people response well to either mint or ginger... Read More »

Mixing two kinds of whiskey in 1 bottle(1:6 proportion). Would it make a big difference in the taste?

It would make a noticeable difference. Many people mix their own personal favourites. My Husband mixes equal quantities of Wild Turkey, Jamieson and 10% Drambuie a Scotch liqeur