When making wine, can white sugar be substituted for cane sugar?

Answer White sugar can be substituted for cane sugar in winemaking, although most experts agree that cane sugar is best. Light or brown sugar or honey can also be used. The amount and sweetness of the gra... Read More »

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Can you use brown sugar instead of regular white sugar when making a cake?

On One Hand: White Sugar Creates Fine Crumbled TexturesTraditional schools of thought refrain from substituting sugars when special sugars are called for. There are many types of sugars valued for ... Read More »

Can an equal amount of brown sugar be substituted for regular sugar?

On One Hand: Brown Sugar Can Replace Regular SugarYou can use brown sugar in place of regular granulated white sugar. Substitute one cup of packed brown sugar for each cup of granulated white sugar... Read More »

What Can Be Substituted for Lye When Making Soap?

Lye is essential to the soap-making process, it is the catalyst that changes oils or fat into soap. However, if you don't want to work with lye, you can make soap by rebatching or by using melt-an... Read More »

Can olive oil be be substituted for palm kernel oil in soap making?

Olive oil can be used in soap making, but requires a different technique and a different oil to fragrance ratio than palm kernel oil. Because olive oil does not solidify at room temperature like pa... Read More »