When looking up to your sibling what do you call that?


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Can a sibling mandate that their sibling whom is the administrator of an estate buy them out when the home is not paid for yet?

No here they are still brother and sister, but they do have a stepfather.

If a sibling has his name on a surviving parents savings account does all of the money go to that sibling when the parent passes away?

If it is under his name, yes. But he may do whatever he wants with it.

Do twins ever not have another sibling Because just from looking back at all the families I know to have twins they never have JUST that pair... there is always one more sibling.?

Sisters are annoying because they want to be just like you. Have you ever noticed how she is always wanting to be around you? Mine is the same way, but I have managed to get over it. It's only beca... Read More »

Why would someone call you then deny that they did even though your looking at it on caller id and they know u?

Some times people make a mistake and hangup right away. Why would they tell you that they made a mistake? It would sound like they want something to do with you. Which you probably already think. O... Read More »