When it comes to potty, women can do for every gender!?

Answer You have posted questions along this line before, I believe. I have high respect for your decision to enter the early childhood field. We need more male role models. However, how unfair it seems... Read More »

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I have heard that the iPad 2 comes out in April in America but i can't find when it comes to Holland. Does anyone knows when it comes out in Holland.?

When I create a youtube username, It says "please choose a gender" But there are no bars to choose a gender.?

you need to press on the up-down arrow button

Does every pregnant women get pregnancy symptoms or are there women that just dont expirience any?

Answer I did not have any symptoms for the first fourth months of pregnancy.  I still had my normal menstrual cycle, no morning sickness or fatigue.I thought that the true way to determine if you... Read More »

Gender Discrimination Against Women?

Women have the right to hold the same jobs, live in adequate housing and attend the same schools as men. To ensure that women are not victims of gender discrimination, regulations and laws have bee... Read More »