When it comes to baking, Is there a proper way to add nuts into your cherries?

Answer There are those cherries that have a slit in them that makes room for a nice nut that when inserted will give it a nice burst of flavor, it just the pits in there until you add the nut.

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When is it proper to wear a shirt, unbuttoned to your navel, into your place of employment?

my summer jobs, pool boy during the week and Tea Cup operator at the carnival on the weekends

What good comes from washing your hair with shampoo&baking soda?

I wouldn't recommend it. Baking Soda is alkaline at a pH of 10 and your hair is naturally slightly acidic at about pH5 when healthy and glossy. So unless your hair is terribly greasy, baking soda w... Read More »

I have heard that the iPad 2 comes out in April in America but i can't find when it comes to Holland. Does anyone knows when it comes out in Holland.?

The Proper Torque for Wheel Nuts?

Lug nuts are manufactured to meet the thread size of the studs on cars and are often tapered for wheel security. Torquing your car's lug nuts to the proper specification is very important for your ... Read More »