When it comes to a career, do you follow your heart or your head?

Answer Your heart, you don't want to end up with a career that you hate, you shoould love your job. I'm sure there a jobs where you would earn the same in the hospitality industry as you would as a pastry... Read More »

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How to Follow Your Heart?

Listening to your heart is not always easy. here are some tips on how to do it.

When making decisions about your child, do you follow your gut or the guidelines?

first off, the NEW AND UPDATED guidelines say, turn the child around when he/she reaches the height/weight limit for being rear-facing. it just so happens, my gut says the same thing ;-)BTW, the NE... Read More »

If you are only 16 and pregnant but in a steady relationship should you follow your heart and keep the baby?

AnswerIt is hard to say because you are so young and many changes will come. For the baby especially, i would try to keep him in your life. I met my boyfriend my freshman year in high school and we... Read More »

Why does your ex wife put your child second when it comes to her?

speak to someone at the Children's aid society, or to the police, local hospital, and have the abuse documented. It all depends if she has sole custody or it's joint custody or even if the two of y... Read More »