When it comes to Processors, is it better to have more Ghz or more cores?

Answer Between the two things you are asking about the Quad core would be, in general, faster. The more cores you have the "more CPUs" you have.

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Which of the two processors is better,more powerful,more capableread description?

Grab the E2180.Runs cooler,nad faster than the pentium D,despite the frequency handicap.Plus you can overclock it alot.

Video conversion better with more less powerful cores or a few more powerful ones?

File conversion is better with 100 slow cores!Good luck!

Does more cores on a pc CPU make it better ?

More cores will improve performance for certain tasks, not all (or even most). CPU clock speed and core architecture are more important 90% of the time. Most games and applications aren't coded to... Read More »

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