When is your mortgage payment considered late?

Answer The payment due date is listed in bold on your monthly mortgage statement. However, most lenders give you a grace period of 15 days to make the payment. As long as the payment is received within t... Read More »

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When is a mortgage payment considered late in bankruptcy?

Mortgage payments are considered late 15 days after the due date. The due date is typically the first of the month, so a mortgage payment will be counted late after the 15th of the month. There is ... Read More »

What Happens If You Are Late on a Mortgage Payment?

Homeowners are aware that a late payment on a mortgage can negatively affect your credit. But, most homeowners are not exactly sure when their mortgage payment is late, and when the penalties start... Read More »

Is escrow considered a mortgage payment?

An escrow payment is made monthly in addition to principal and interest payments on some mortgages. The lender sets up an escrow account for the borrower and deposits the money in it, to be used fo... Read More »

How to Write a Late Payment Letter?

Making a late payment for any bill or loan may result in penalties, in addition to a black mark on your credit score. However, the penalties and the negative report may be able to be avoided by wri... Read More »