Did Trace Cyrus once hate Myley Cyrus?

Answer I doubt Trace hated Miley since they are siblings. I don't think siblings can ever really truly hate each other.

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Miley cyrus is having her 16th birthday party soon and its 250$ would you go?

hell no i'd pay $250 not to see her waste of time

If I hide my birthday on my profile, will Facebook still inform my friends when it is my birthday?

I don't think you should hide your birthday. It will not inform people of your birthday on Facebook if you hide it. And it is very helpful to check someones facebook to find out their birthday. I m... Read More »

When does without a trace season 8 start?

sadly there won't be a season 8. CBS has announced the cancellation of the show =(

How to trace a call when caller has blocked their number?

If you are being harrassed or threatened by a caller who is blocking their ID, or receiving obscene phone calls, you can usually dial a special code (*57 is usually call trace) and then contact the... Read More »