How much of a discount do Florida residents get when going to Disney World parks?

Answer As of June 2010, a regular one-day ticket at Walt Disney world costs $79, but the Florida resident price is $71.10, which gives Florida residents a 10 percent savings. A seven-day ticket costs $44... Read More »

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When is the next series of this is England going to be shown?

I liked the film, I heard the show was complete filth, so I didn't bother.

Original owner bought policy then died it stated it only pays when his wife dies. His wife is not the beneficiary. She is mad and is going to give this policy away to favorite sibling. Is this legal?

Her dad Tony Curtis had 6 children. Jamie has one full sister and 4 half. One of her half brothers died.

When I swallow I feel as though my saliva is going to the back of my nose how can I fix this uncomfortable gee?

You need to contact your doctor about this. You may have a swallowing disorder. It sounds like you may have decreased velopharyngeal closure during your swallow. People don't typically develop s... Read More »

I have this smell when i dont wash between my do i get rid of it as we are going camping.?

take some baby wipes and wash between your legs lol