When does HBO True Blood season three air date?

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Is the christmas shoes movie a true story?

"The Christmas Shoes" was originally a song by the contemporary Christian group New Song. The novel was based on the story in the song; it was written by Donna Vanliere. The made-for-television mov... Read More »

Christmas pay date change?

You'll have to ask your management / HR department, as it will depend on your company. I usually get paid on the 28th, but in December we always get paid about a week before Christmas, while at oth... Read More »

TH(Family!)Album release date!(might be true)?

No sorry I dont belive it XD If that were the real release date, it wouldnt only be announced in the Netherlands and it would be on their official website not thn =]Its actually supposed to be rele... Read More »

I can set the date and time on my Olympus sz10 but only the date appears on the photo when I print it.?

I don't know of any camera that puts the time on the photo, only the date, however, the information is in the EXIF portion of your JPG file. So you can retrieve the information whenever you want.