When does HBO True Blood season three air date?

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Is the christmas shoes movie a true story?

"The Christmas Shoes" was originally a song by the contemporary Christian group New Song. The novel was based on the story in the song; it was written by Donna Vanliere. The made-for-television mov... Read More »

Is it really true, that some guys still drink sherry at Christmas?

TH(Family!)Album release date!(might be true)?

No sorry I dont belive it XD If that were the real release date, it wouldnt only be announced in the Netherlands and it would be on their official website not thn =]Its actually supposed to be rele... Read More »

Christmas pay date change?

You'll have to ask your management / HR department, as it will depend on your company. I usually get paid on the 28th, but in December we always get paid about a week before Christmas, while at oth... Read More »