When is the time to trim a lilac bush?

Answer The appropriate time to trim back a lilac bush is in the spring, just after it blooms. Wait until the bush is finished flowering, and the blooms are dead. If you do not prune your lilac promptly af... Read More »

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When can i trim my lilac bush?

Lilacs should be pruned annually, just after blooming is complete and the flowers have died and fallen off. If you wait until too late in the season to trim your lilac, you can kill young growth.So... Read More »

What time of year is the right time to trim an out-of-control bush?

You should keep it trimmed up so that there's always unobstructed access.You really don't want him getting a branch in the face. There's nothing more irritating than having a leaf caught in the bac... Read More »

When do I trim my lilac shrub?

On One Hand: Pruning for HealthPruning the lilac bush in the winter helps promote healthy growth for the following spring. According to experts at North Carolina State University, 25 to 33 percent ... Read More »

How do I promote lilac bush re-flowering When cutting for the flowers how much branch should I cut?

While most lilacs bloom only once a year, there's one lilac that flowers heavily in late spring and early summer, then repeats every now and again right through fall & It is the ....Josee Lilac.Wh... Read More »