When did fun house kids show first go on air in England?

Answer February 1989 on ITV

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When will they show runs house season 6 in the UK?

sky 1 hd showing from 4th october! It better not just be on the HD channel and on normal sky 1 too but we'll see...

Does anybody remember an 80s childrens Sci Fi show about some kids who find shape-shifting aliens in an old house where they transform into worm like creatures and have caverns under the house?

gidday mate i was just looking fore the same thing and then it hit me, its called animorphs

When you sell a house, does the house agency handle everything (in australia)?

This is what the conveyencer does (it does not have to be a lawyer - most house transfers do not involve a lawyer unless you are talking about a multi million dollar house)

How old is the show full house?

Full House originally ran in primetime from September 22, 1987 to May 23, 1995.