What do I need to open a thrift store?

Answer Opening a thrift store is one of the least expensive options for starting your own retail business. Some thrift stores specialize in one product, such as used clothing or used furniture, while othe... Read More »

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What do you think of thrift store shopping Do you shop at thrift stores?

I agree with you, thrift stores actually have really cool things. I'm on a budget (due to me being a poor college student haha) and love the bargains that thrift stores have. True, sometimes you re... Read More »

What do you think when you see a person wearing clothes from a thrift store?

I say hooray for them. I have seen expensive clothes that look cheap, so who cares where you buy them and what you pay for them? Someone who looks down on others need to step down off their pedesta... Read More »

How to Donate a Car to the Salvation Army?

The 'old car in the field' can help someone else.Do you have an old car sitting around in your driveway or backyard that you haven't driven in years? Instead of letting it rot away in your driveway... Read More »

How to Go Thrift Store Shopping?

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