When is the safest time to have sex is it before or after menstruation?

Answer i think it is after menstruation..simply because after menstruation your vagina just get rid of the wastes in your body through the blood that we see everytime we have our menstruation..after it ge... Read More »

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Which is the safest time to have sex?

The safest time to have sex is when you're married.

How to Avoid Menstruation?

The only effective ways to avoid menstruation are to not be menstruating, or to manipulate your menstruation through use of the contraceptive pill. There are also fixes that help you carry on as if... Read More »

How many days after menstruation will the egg die?

Answer Hi there :-) During a Womans period there is not a egg sweetheart. This is why it is highly unlikely for a Woman to conceive during her period. During a Womans Ovulation tim... Read More »

Menstruation occurring too often -- HELP!?

This would be a good time to see your gynecologist. It's a symptom but you can't guess at the cause. Possible causes range from stress to endometriosis, so you need to develop a good relationship w... Read More »