When is the right time to apply for private student loans?

Answer You should calculate your cost of attendance... tuition and fees, loan fees, and room and board ( they vary by the res hall and meal plan). The other things vary and aren't accurate... Now you sho... Read More »

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Can I apply for more than one private student loan at the same time?

Most lenders offer pre-approvals. This is where they actually do a credit check to determine what the interest rate and fee on the loan would be. Your aren't actually applying for the loan becaus... Read More »

Where can i find a good private student loan What are your experiences with private loans?

There are no such thing as "good" private loans. There are many reasons why a school doesn't have the privilege to get federal loans and not a single on of them is in your favor trust me. I alway... Read More »

Question regarding private student Loans?

Private student loans are evil and any school that is too expensive for you to attend because federal loans are not enough is not a very good school. I would suggest you use the degree you earned ... Read More »

How to Find Private Student Loans?

It's always, always in your best interest to find scholarships and grants, and to completely use all available Federal financial aid before applying for private student loans.