When is the planting time for wheat in Indiana?

Answer [1] Typically, it's calculated at two weeks after the state's free of the Hessian fly. So it ranges from September 22 in northernmost Indiana, to October 9 in southernmost Indiana. [2] However, it'... Read More »

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Climate for Planting Barley and Wheat?

Barley and wheat are two different types of popular grains. Barley is often used in foods like soup and flour. Wheat is found in foods like pasta, flour and bread. Both have several climates in whi... Read More »

When is daffodil planting time in Tennessee?

October is when daffodils are planted in Tennessee. They will begin to bloom in early March and will last through early May. Daffodil bulbs should be planted on different days to stagger the bloom.... Read More »

When is planting time for black-eyed Susan?

The time to transplant black-eyed Susan seedlings is after all dangers of frost are past in the spring. Seeds can be sown any time during the growing season. If you plant the seeds in later summer ... Read More »

When is a good time to plant tomatoes in Indiana?

According to the Department of Horticulture at Purdue University, tomatoes can be planted in the ground in mid to late April in southern Indiana. In northern Indiana, you'll have to wait until mid ... Read More »