How do you no you've hit ovulation during your period?

Answer To determine when you ovulate, you need to take your temperature at the same time every morning every day of your life. When you ovulate, your body temperature will dip and then rise and stay highe... Read More »

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Why would you have period like bloating 1 day after ovulation?

Answer Some women experience symptoms with ovulation while others never notice it at all. Bloating, cramping, craving, all the typical signs of PMS can be signs of ovulation also. If it continue... Read More »

Does a missed period mean no ovulation occurred?

if you have missed one period it doesnt mean no ovulation or pregnant you could be lat starting but if you still havent started after a few days of when your period should of started go to your doc... Read More »

Why do women have cravings during ovulation and their period?

Estrogen! the hormone peaks during ovulation...

Is pinkish or brownish discharge about two weeks after your period a sign of ovulation or something else?

Answer I've never heard of having pinkish/brown discharge due to ovulation. However, I have heard of having faint spotting at implantation when you become pregnant. Have you been sexually active si... Read More »