How to Write Percy Jackson and the Olympians Fanfiction?

Answer Fanfiction isn't as easy as it looks like. PJO fandom is swamped with Mary Sues and rabid Plot Bunnies. Here is how to write it well.

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How to Make Ambrosia and Nectar from Percy Jackson and the Olympians?

In the series compiled by Rick Riordan called "Percy Jackson & the Olympians" some of the characters consume a drink called ambrosia and nectar. It is said in the books that if you imbibe this refr... Read More »

In percy jackson when is he inked?

How to Act Like Annabeth Chase from Percy Jackson?

Percy JacksonIn the fascinating series crafted by Rick Riordan, Percy Jackson & the Olympians, the main protagonist's (Percy's) closest female friend and eventual girlfriend is Annabeth Chase. Anna... Read More »

How to Build Percy Jackson's Sword Riptide?

Do you or your child enjoy the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series? Well, then you've probably heard of Percy's sword Riptide.