Which movie do you prefer: Terminator 2 or The Dark Knight?

Answer I haven't watched Terminator 2 in ages, since I was like 10. I love the movie though. The funny thing about that is I actually bought it on DVD like last month lol. By that I'll have to go with The... Read More »

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Why terminator 1 has got 100% reviews and terminator 2 has got little bit less than it?

Some people believe that sequels can never be better than the original movie. Some people also don't follow up on sequels and trilogies, they believe it ruins the original.

What do you think is the greatest "coming-of-age" movie?

I think the greatest coming-of-age film would be The 400 Blows. I've never seen a more realistic portrayal of the up and downs of one kid who is sadly viewed as a "problem child." What's great is t... Read More »

Will there be a new Gamera movie coming out?

What is the name of the barbershop in the movie"Coming to America"?

The name of the barbershop in the 1988 movie "Coming to America" is "My-T-Sharp." Early in the film, a man refers to it when he says, "You should change the name from "My-T-Sharp" to "The Three Pu... Read More »