What year was the last episode of roseanne aired?

Answer I Think it was 1998.

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Is episode 12 of moonlight the last episode of the first season and when is the second season going to start and where can you buy season 1 of moonlight?

There are 16 episodes in Moonlight's first season (ending with Sonata #1x16). In the US, the DVD will be released on January 20th, 2009. The show is already out on disc in Europe. Sadly, Moonlight... Read More »

When is the last episode of Battlestar Galactica coming on the episode that reveals the final cylon?

That Episode already happend!Helen is the final cylon.But Starbuck is also a cylon.We think that Starbuck is the daughter of number 6.

What is the very last episode of the suite life on deck ever going to be made?

when they want 2stop the shoe duh but its only been on for 3 years so its gonna be on 4 a while

Who were frank j jimenez and Raymond hughes I saw a dedication to these men at the end of an episode of Roseanne?

Frank J. Jimenez was credited as a key grip in rosanne episodes...I have no idea who Raymond Hughes is.