Is there a chance of pregnant while on period?

Answer Yes, there is a chance of getting pregnant at any time in your menstrual cycle

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How much of a chance is it to get pregnant the day of your period?

It can happen and has happened to many unsuspecting people

I'm a man, but I was wondering, is there any chance I could be Pregnant?

ive actually been pretty down in the dumps all day so seeing this made me giggle even tho its kinda daft so im gonna give you a star just for making me smile today! thanks!

Is there any chance of getting pregnant without having intercourse?

If sperm comes in contact with the vagina, there is a chance of becoming pregnant. It isn't common, it isn't a big chance, but it is not impossible.

Ovulated on the 2nd feb and had un protected sex on the 3rd what chance do you have of being pregnant?

You would have to be incredibly regular or keeping excellent track of your period and ovulation symptoms to pinpoint the day of ovulation. However, the three days leading up to ovulation are the mo... Read More »