Is there a mating season for lady bugs?

Answer Ladybugs, which are also called lady beetles and lady bird beetles, mate in the spring after they have finished hibernating for the winter, according to a fact sheet from Ohio State University.Refe... Read More »

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When is the mating season for the Florida manatee?

Florida manatees do not mate at a specific time of the year. They carry only one calf at a time and their gestation period lasts approximately one year. When manatee calves are born, they weigh bet... Read More »

How to Tell when Gerbils Are Mating?

Gerbils are really cute animals. You might find them quite fascinating, especially while mating.

Hints for Mating Yorkies?

Yorkshire terriers are small, long-coated lap dogs and are one of the most popular toy breeds in the world. Well-bred Yorkies have friendly, personable temperaments and make excellent companion an... Read More »

Are my canaries fighting or mating?

On One Hand: Mating Looks Like FightingPrior to actual mating, males will begin chasing females around the cage, sometimes to the point of harassing and exhausting the female if the hen is not read... Read More »