How much of a discount do Florida residents get when going to Disney World parks?

Answer As of June 2010, a regular one-day ticket at Walt Disney world costs $79, but the Florida resident price is $71.10, which gives Florida residents a 10 percent savings. A seven-day ticket costs $44... Read More »

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Is the swine flu going to end the world?

No! It's likely many will die, but it will not end human kind. People need to calm down and just take precautions for themselves and their families.

OK PARENTS what in the World is Going on ..?

its no different than parents who dont watch their kids in shopping malls and stores and the kids get abducted. or parents who leave kids at home that are too young to be home alone or parents who ... Read More »

What did going to the moon prove to the world?

proved that America was number one in technology and therefore the number one superpower

Who is going 2 win in total drama world tour?

tyler Tyler does not win so whoever put Tyler is wrong, I'm pretty sure heather wins, or she is at least in the final 3. Tyler was voted off already, Please get the facts right for whoever answere... Read More »