When is the end of green bean season?

Answer Green bean plants are sensitive to frost and cold temperatures, so the season ends with the first frost. You can continue planting green beans up until early August to ensure a high yield of green ... Read More »

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Can French-style green beans be used in a green bean casserole?

On One Hand: The Classic RecipeThe original recipe for green bean casserole, created by the Campbell's Soup Company's Home Economics department in 1955, calls for "cooked cut green beans," which wo... Read More »

Where does green bean come from?

Answer the green bean come from in the hot regions of the americas, India and China

DIY Green Bean Mask?

Green beans contain vitamin A and vitamin C. These antioxidants can protect against free radicals, which damage cells in the body. Knowing that, you should try to incorporate green beans into your ... Read More »

What does a green bean plant look like?

it has leaves and is green n stuff. beans come off it.