When is the best time to start having kids?

Answer When you are married and feel ready

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When should woman start having kids?

between 19 and 29 ~ having children after 29 are more prone to medical issues like down's syndrome between 19- 29

Want to get fit again when my kids start school. Whats the best way to start?

My friend had three below age five. She prepared the food for them and made everything from scratch. She didn't run. She jumped rope on her patio. If you can run up and down hills, that would b... Read More »

When is the best time to start bee keeping?

The best time to start beekeeping is when the apple trees are in bloom in your locality. Don't buy bees late in the summer or fall unless you are prepared to give them special attention. Bee coloni... Read More »

When is the best time to start Lamaze classes?

Lamaze is a breathing technique used during labor to alleviate the pain of childbirth. The Lamaze organization recommends that women begin the class during their seventh month of pregnancy. Classes... Read More »