When is the best time to shower Morning or night ?

Answer Your so right.... I do both just for that reason.... But I couldn't go to bed all dirty so before bed

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Shower morning or night?

Try morning showers 3 days in a row, then night showers 3 days in a row.Which made you feel better? Choose it.Sometimes you'll need both, sometimes you'd like an afternoon shower, but it's good to ... Read More »

Morning vs night shower?

I would definitely shower in the morning because of the oily skin. I know it takes up time, I hate it, too, but it's worth it. I have oily hair now because postpartum hormonal changes and there's n... Read More »

Is it bad to shower EVERY morning/night ?

Try it. It depends on your hair, if it's usually very dry then washing it more than once a day can damage it. If your hair is a bit more greasy, then washing it twice a day won't hurt. Your skin mi... Read More »

Do you shower before you go to bed or shower in the morning when you wake up?

Sometimes I take a bath at night and in the morning, but mostly I just take them in the morning. The sheets get changed often anyway. Read about dust mites (I've provided two links below) and you... Read More »