When is the best time to shower Morning or night ?

Answer Your so right.... I do both just for that reason.... But I couldn't go to bed all dirty so before bed

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Shower morning or night?

Try morning showers 3 days in a row, then night showers 3 days in a row.Which made you feel better? Choose it.Sometimes you'll need both, sometimes you'd like an afternoon shower, but it's good to ... Read More »

Morning vs night shower?

I would definitely shower in the morning because of the oily skin. I know it takes up time, I hate it, too, but it's worth it. I have oily hair now because postpartum hormonal changes and there's n... Read More »

Is it bad to shower EVERY morning/night ?

Try it. It depends on your hair, if it's usually very dry then washing it more than once a day can damage it. If your hair is a bit more greasy, then washing it twice a day won't hurt. Your skin mi... Read More »

What time is better to turn on the sprinklers,in the morning or at night?

Preferably early morning about 5-6 am depending on how many runs you have. It is better to start early when wind and sun wont affect the sprinklers but don't run late in the day when the grass will... Read More »