When is the best time to plant fall bulbs?

Answer According to the University of Nebraska at Lincoln Extension, the fall-blooming bulbs "colchicums should be planted immediately after arrival or purchase in the fall. (They often bloom in storage i... Read More »

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Can you plant fall bulbs?

There are some bulbs that you can plant in your yard in the fall for a spring bloom. Some of those types of bulbs are tulips, daffodils, hyacinths and crocuses. There are also bulbs that you can pl... Read More »

How do I plant Holland bulbs in the fall?

General GuidelinesPlant bulbs in September for best results. Avoid hot, southern exposures as they may warm up too quickly in the spring, causing the newly emerging bulbs to be killed by a late fro... Read More »

How to Plant Iris Bulbs in the Fall?

Irises are beautiful early blooming, perennial flowers that bloom on tall, sturdy stalks. Irises come in many cultivars, but the two main types are bulb and rhizome. Both types are also available i... Read More »

How do I plant fall bulbs in Pennsylvania?

SoilRemove weeds from the soil. Add 2 to 4 inches of compost to the soil. Mix the compost into the top 12 to 18 inches of soil to ensure proper drainage.DigDig a hole two to three times as wide and... Read More »