When is the best time to brush your teeth?

Answer @ night, before bed!

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What happens if you brush your teeth 4 more then 2 minutes each time you brush?

Every now and then is fine depending on how many times a day you brush & the amount of time you brush for, but if you brush excessivly it can actually wear down your enamel. Once your enamel is gon... Read More »

Why do my gums bleed every time I brush my teeth?

It's not called gingivitis hun! It's nothing to worry about! It happens to me all the time! When you go buy a toothbrush you just need to by "soft bristles" or extra soft if they have it! my dentis... Read More »

Every time i brush my teeth i start bleeding?

This could be Gingivitis. Swelling, redness, pain, and bleeding of the gums are signs of gingivitis. It makes your gums extremely sensitive, but gingivitis can usually be managed at home with goo... Read More »

Is it ok to brush my teeth while taking a shower at the same time just wondering?

Jessica's accident scenario isn't as crazy as she makes it. Brushing your teeth is another distraction under slippery conditions.From a practical standpoint: you'll be wasting hot water. That wil... Read More »