When is the best time to have sex without condom without a girl getting pregnant?

Answer just use the condom

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Does it hurt when a girl has sex the first time, in a rate from 1 to 10.?

im a mom and that was a very long time ago my wedding nite ,but i would say heck yes! and dont do anything until you say I do at the alter dear ! Once youve done it ,you can't get it back.YOure not... Read More »

When is the best time to wash clothes when trying to save money?

On One Hand: Washing at NightDuring summer days, electricity is often wasted when the air conditioner competes with the washer and dryer. Once air conditioning is lowered, usually at night, using t... Read More »

What are ways to make sex less painful for a girl when its her first time?

Lots of lubeComplete relxationTons of foreplayOralSlowly insert penis after all of this

When is the best time to get a new job?

Personally... I HATE my job... I only got this job because we just recently moved, it was across the street within walking distance cuz we don't have a 2nd vehicle, and I just needed to make money.... Read More »