When is the best time for a foal to be born?

Answer Early to Mid Spring.

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When was the stonehedge roughly born the same time as?

Stonehedge was not born but made by someone or something unknown to mankind at this time although there have been many Theories such as Aliens (Unlikley) or it could be a Observation point for some... Read More »

What is it called when five babies are born at the same time?

What animal when born stays the same size its life time?

stop saying the juju has squishy nuggets in the sack. the hump slap

When is the best time to wash clothes when trying to save money?

On One Hand: Washing at NightDuring summer days, electricity is often wasted when the air conditioner competes with the washer and dryer. Once air conditioning is lowered, usually at night, using t... Read More »