When is the best month to fertilize fig trees in the tucson climate?

Answer Fertilize as the new seasons growth starts.

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How do I fertilize pine trees?

Fertilize the pine tree once a year, in the fall. Measure the diameter of the tree trunk with a measuring tape. You will need 1 cup of fertilizer for every inch of the tree's diameter. Use a fertil... Read More »

When do I fertilize fruit trees?

According to the Iowa State University Extension, "it is generally not necessary to fertilize fruit trees." A bearing fruit tree that grows less than eight to 15 inches in one year should be fertil... Read More »

How do I fertilize plum trees?

Apply one ounce of complete fertilizer such as a 12-16-12 fertilizer, following the directions on the fertilizer bag, per square yard. During the first three years, applying fertilizer is not neces... Read More »

How do I fertilize cherry trees?

MeasureMeasure the diameter of the cherry tree one foot above the soil. Apply the cherry tree with 1/8 pound of nitrogen per diameter inch.CalculateCalculate how much nitrogen you need by dividing ... Read More »