When is the best day to have intercourse without getting pregnant?

Answer Usually about a week after the last period, a week before ovulation. However, be aware, there is no "best day." Depending on the longevity of the sperm and the timing of ovulation, pregnancy can oc... Read More »

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When is the best time to have sex without condom without a girl getting pregnant?

Is there any chance of getting pregnant without having intercourse?

If sperm comes in contact with the vagina, there is a chance of becoming pregnant. It isn't common, it isn't a big chance, but it is not impossible.

On what dates during the period cycle can you have safe intercourse without using condoms since you dont want her to get pregnant?

never. if you don't want a pregnancy, use birth control! (pill, condom, etc)

Is it normal to have swollen inner labia after sexual intercourse when you are heavily pregnant?

Yes. This is caused by the excess blood flow around the bottom half of your torso.