When did bears become part of Christmas?

Answer Named after a well-publicized hunting incident in 1902 when U.S. President Theodore Roosevelt refused to shoot a tethered bear, the Teddy Bear became a toy sensation. Marketed by Morris Michtom in ... Read More »

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When did the bears return to soldier field after renovation?

The Chicago Bears returned to Soldier Field in September 2003 after the renovations were completed. During the year of renovation, the Bears played their games at the University of Illinois' Memori... Read More »

When did the bears return to soldier field after renovations?

The Chicago Bears began playing at Soldier Field in 1971; however, the stadium began undergoing major renovations in 1979. It was not until 1982 when the renovations were completed. The Bears began... Read More »

Does anyone remember a kids show about coloured bears and a dalmatian The bears were people in suits different colours too black green red blue not sure if twas itv or bbc early 90s maybe?

I think it might be called teddybears' I was looking for it too and couldn't find it most places but found a DVD of it on amazon if you search teddybears on there it comes up hope it is what you we... Read More »

What do you do when you've completed al the game shows on game show island?

Will say thanks to Deal or No Deal team and thanks to my family beofre planing to do anything with money