When is the bail bond released?

Answer A court releases bail bond money when the corresponding case concludes. The person freed on bond must attend all scheduled court dates. After acquittal or a guilty verdict, the funds return to the ... Read More »

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When is a bail bond dropped?

After a criminal case concludes, and the defendant has appeared in court as required, courts drop bail bond. At that time, the clerk of courts refunds any money (minus fines and court costs) to the... Read More »

What Happens to a Bail Bond When Found Not Guilty?

The purpose of a bail bond is to ensure that the defendant returns to court and obeys the conditions of her release while awaiting trial. When the defendant's case has concluded, no more bail is r... Read More »

How much do I pay for a bail bond of $25,000?

What you pay for a bail bond of $25,000 depends on whether your bond is for a state or federal crime. For a federal bond you will pay 15 percent of $25,000 or $3,750. If it is a state bond the paym... Read More »

Who is liable for a bail bond?

A bail bond is a financial guarantee that a defendant will appear in court. The person who signs for the bond, the indemnitor, pays 10 oercent of the bond to a bonding agency and is liable for the ... Read More »