Is there a movie, that''s in ''development hell'' that you really want to see being made and released?

Answer The Irishman (????)…A Martin Scorsese/Robert De Niro reunion alone would easily become my most anticipated film ever. But when you add Al Pacino, my favori... Read More »

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Arrested Development VS The Office?

That's a hard on for me But I have to go with the office. Buy hey Arrested Development is coming back so maybe they can change my mind.

Why was Arrested Development cancelled?

It didn't have enough weekly viewers. Some networks like Showtime considered picking up the series, but ultimately did not.

What are you expecting from Arrested Development s4?

I never watched it when it originally aired, but I started watching it on DVD, and it's now one of my favorites!While I am a little worried that Season 4 may not be as good, I can't wait to see mor... Read More »

Why did the TV show Arrested Development get cancelled?

It was cancelled after three seasons because it was never the success it should have been. Every season had less episodes than the previous one.