When is the Johnny Appleseed festival?

Answer The Johnny Appleseed Festival in Fort Wayne, Indiana, is an annual event that takes place each September (the specific dates change from year to year). Lisbon, Ohio, also has an annual Johnny Appl... Read More »

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What city holds a Johnny Appleseed Festival each year?

Many cities have Johnny Appleseed festivals, including Fort Wayne, Indiana; Crystal Lake, Illinois; and Lisbon, Ohio. The festivals celebrate the life of John Chapman, otherwise known as Johnny Ap... Read More »

How old was Johnny Appleseed when he died?

Johnny Appleseed, whose real name was John Chapman, was 70 years old when he died. He was born in Leominster, Massachusetts on September 26, 1774, and died in Fort Wayne, Indiana on March 10 or Ma... Read More »

When did Johnny Appleseed finish his life?

Ohio Apples claims that John Chapman, also known as Johnny Appleseed, was born in Massachusetts in 1774. He was a traveling missionary and a nurseryman. He is best known for all the apple trees he ... Read More »

Who wrote Johnny Appleseed?

The poem "Johnny Appleseed" was written by Rosemary and Stephen Vincent Benet to memorialize John Chapman, an American pioneer that delivered biblical teachings, apple seeds and medicines to inhabi... Read More »