Why Do the Chinese Put Money in Red Envelopes for the Chinese New Year?

Answer Chinese New Year---also known as the Spring Festival---is the most important holiday on the Chinese calendar. Festivities last for 15 days and include many different kinds of celebrating and tradit... Read More »

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Do Chinese people get offended when you say lets eat Chinese for dinner?

Appox which month chinese new year falls every year?

Over 73,000 people were killed in Chinese road accidents in 2008, was driving on the right part of the reason?

It makes sense, especially the bit about using the left hand to steer, better to keep the right hand on the steering wheel people.

Why is it that chinese people that own chinese shops are thin and yet when we eat their food it goes to our..?

it's not their food that does it, they eat it most of the time, our western diet contains alot of dairy produce and animal fats which they dont like, and we eat chinese as a treat not as a regular ... Read More »