When i touch my hand to the radio antina the voice becomes clear n when i remove my hand its a bit unclear ..?

Answer That's normal. Your body is acting as an antenna making the signal stronger.

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When I sleep, I tend to lay on my hand and in the morning, my hand feels uncomfortably numb.........?

oh thats soo easy, lol in fact i do it all of the time. one way you can get rid of it is to not sleep on your arm in the first place, then in the morning it wont have its blood supply cut off and g... Read More »

When driving an automatic car do you pull your hand break and put into netural when you stop at traffic lights?

You should only apply the foot brake. your transmission is designed to be in an almost neutral position when your foot is on the brake.some drag will be evident due to the torque converter ( kind o... Read More »

I'm getting my wisdom teeth pulled tomorrow. What can I expect when I wake up?

As long as you have a prescription pain killer for the after shock (I had a prescribed med, forget which one, since I'm sensitive to pain), you'll be fine otherwise. I had all 4 of my wisdom teeth ... Read More »

Poll: When you serve wine tomorrow, will it be red or white to go with the turkey?

I think chardonnay with dinner and champagne with dessert!