â€œWhat is one TV show or movie that almost everyone else has seen that you’ve never seen?

Answer the godfatherjust cant be arsed with it

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Would any one that has seen Mickey Mouse in band uniform holding tuba that blows bubbles when squeezed please respond or do I have the only one that has one circa 1950's mickey mouse club era?

Hey, I have this too by the sounds of it! I can't find anything online about it. Have you found anything out yet?

Have you ever seen someone that looks exactly like you What did you think when you saw him/her?

only when i walked past the mirror.. not much .. took the mirror down lv.

Have you seen the Coor's beer bottle label that changes color when it gets chilled?

Hiya babe. Ive heard of that before but have never tried em. I usually just feel em to check if theyre

Why does a facebook message show seen then after a few hours it show that it hasnt been seen?