When is telling a lie better than the truth?

Answer On One Hand: Lying Can Be KinderTelling a lie could be better than the truth when telling the truth results in an insult or a fact that will make a person feel bad about themselves. Telling lies to... Read More »

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Activities to Help Teach Children About Telling the Truth?

Most people would probably agree that it's important to teach honesty and integrity to young children, but teaching such concepts can be challenging. Concepts like "truth" and "honesty" can be abst... Read More »

Is my plumber telling me the truth about roots clogging my sewer line?

The best way to figure out what parts of your sewer line are compromised is a CCTV pipe inspection. The pipe inspection never lies. You can also utilize a flow while the camera is in the line. When... Read More »

When selling on Ebay is it better to start the bidding lower than the than the amount you want for the item?

Generally, you want to save on listing fees and let the (ebay) market to set the closing price. In most cases, this means starting the initial price at $9.99 or less. However, the only exception i... Read More »

Your daughter accused your husband of abuse how do I know who is telling the truth?

If such an accusation has been made, I would give the daughter the benefit of the doubt. It used to be said that a victim of abuse would never lie about it, but now we know that in rare and except... Read More »