If there is not a court order for custody and your wife who is a illegal immmigrant left with the child can the father take the child from the babysitter's while the mother is at work?

Answer well we are mot married i guess it would be common law,but we never got a paper signed from the county clercks office.i am concerned for my daughter,she is 15 months old,born in u.s.,and her mom is... Read More »

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How do you fix your sound when you plug a head phone but then when you take it out it doesnt work wWhy?

Because the connector from your headphones is not in the socket, therefore the audio current cannot travel to your headphone speakers, and the headphone will not emit any noise.

How to Take Action when You Lose Sight of Your Child at an Amusement Park?

An amusement park is a great place to spend the day, but is also a large, crowded area where young children can get lost.It's a scenario that happens hundreds of times a day at amusement parks all ... Read More »

Will a court take into account your new spouse's income when determining child support?

AnswerIn the state of Georgia, both parents income is considered in determining child support. If Dad must pay CS, his spouse's income is calculated in determing amount to be paid. AnswerFrom what... Read More »

You gave your child up for adoption to your exwife's new husband Can you contact your child when she is 18?

If your child is a legal adult in whatever jurisdiction she resides and no law prevents you from contacting any other adult then the answer is yes. In the United States, the answer is yes. In a few... Read More »