When is surgery necessary for rectal prolapse?

Answer On One Hand: Surgery Is Not Always RequiredSurgery is not always required for rectal prolapse. In minor cases, when the rectum lining has only partially collapsed or protruded very slightly through... Read More »

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Should a person with rectal prolapse become pregnant?

On One Hand: Rectal Prolapse Can Be Worsened By PregnancyRectal prolapse, a condition in which some or all of the wall of the rectum slides out of place, can be caused by the strain of childbirth o... Read More »

When is surgery necessary for a prolapsed bladder?

On One Hand: Assess Your SymptomsMany women may have a prolapsed bladder and never know it. However, some experience symptoms including difficulty urinating, involuntary release of urine (urinary i... Read More »

Why is there such a difference between oral and rectal temperature in my son...orally he is almost always normal or low grade then rectal it is 101-102 degrees?

Rectal is more accurate because it takes the core body temperature.

How to Determine if Surgery is Necessary for an Ingrown Toenail?

A lot of people suffer the pain and frustration of ingrown toenails. Unfortunately, some cases are much worse than others and refuse to clear up on their own. Those cases, although not common, lead... Read More »