When is spaghetti squash in season?

Answer Spaghetti squash is at its peak during the early fall and through the winter but is available all year round. Its average weight is 4 to 8 lbs. and a single serving of this vegetable has 37 calori... Read More »

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When is spaghetti squash ready?

Spaghetti squash grows like any other winter squash. It should be allowed to stay on the vine until fully ripe. When the rind is completely yellow, the squash is ready to pick. When cooking the squ... Read More »

When to transplant spaghetti squash?

Wait until there is no chance of a heavy frost. You can protect them from a light frost by covering them with a tarp or blanket.

When is spaghetti squash ripe?

Spaghetti squash can be picked year round, but it is ripe once the outside of the squash is a rich yellow hue with no white areas, and feels solid and heavy to the touch.Source:Fine Cooking Magazin... Read More »

When is a spaghetti squash ready to pick?

Spaghetti squash stops ripening once it is picked, so allow it to mature on the vine. The skin of spaghetti squash ready to be harvested will resist puncturing with a fingernail and will turn from ... Read More »