When is satellite radio going to fix the poor sound quality of the music?

Answer Unfortunately, the sound quality will remain poor, and get worse, for some time. The reason is digital compression. As they add more channels for Canada and video and such, they need to compress d... Read More »

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Have you ever experienced the sound / music quality from a Bose Wave Radio or 3-2-1 system?

Despite their claims Bose is the least respected name in least among audiophiles. Check any audio forum and see what is said about Bose. I measured the distortion on the Wave Radio onc... Read More »

How to Improve Internet Radio Sound Quality?

Poor audio encoding, audio compression at the hosting server or a slow connection to the server can degrade the quality of an Internet stream to the point that the stream becomes distorted or won't... Read More »

How much more can we in the World do for the Deaf and Disabled now that we use NASA and have Radio satellite assistance can they enter into homes to help them hear over the sound waves?

There are many improvements over radio already although many have not taken advantage of most. HD radio has been released that offers much better signal strength and audio quality than FM radio had... Read More »

My marriages cds have a poor quality video,so i want to make them in hd quality. is it possible how?

You could make a conversion to HD but the resulting image will be of no improvement. Not in the way you are hoping for anywayYou have the option of getting married again and recording in HD, but I ... Read More »