How to Say Passover in Hebrew?

Answer Passover is a Jewish holiday, and here's how to say Passover in Hebrew:

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What do the foods at Passover mean?

Jews observe Passover on the 15th day of the month Nissan on the Jewish calendar. Passover commemorates the Jews' freedom from slavery as told in the book of Exodus. Jews avoid all "chametz" (leave... Read More »

How to Celebrate Passover?

The Passover Seder plate and matzoPassover (also called Pesach) is one of the most important holidays in Judaism, celebrated with varying customs and traditions worldwide. It commemorates freedom, ... Read More »

Can you drink soy milk during Passover?

On One Hand: Not ChometzJews on Passover are forbidden from eating or even possessing chometz, which is bread that has risen. This prohibition has been extended to most grains. Soybeans (from whic... Read More »

Can you eat corn syrup on passover?

On One Hand: Kitniyot vs. ChametzThere are two classes of foods that are not eaten during Passover. The first is termed chametz. Any product other than matzoh made with any of the five following gr... Read More »