What do you thinkof Paris Hiltons shoe line ((pictures))?

Answer I think they're hot!!!!

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I need ideas for a Paris themed birthday party for my 18 year old daughter?

you could do a mural type design on a big wall of the eiffel tower- if you have a projector you can get a big sheet of paper (you could get cheap rolls of wrapping paper and flip it over onto the w... Read More »

If Paris Hilton's parents weren't rich--what would Paris be doing for a living?

My current girlfriend gave birth to our daughter on MY birthday! I don't want to share a birthday! Help?

Okay my birthday is coming up I would like to go to benihanas. They offer a free birthday dinner meal.?

You can definitely get a meal there with chicken and vegetables and rice. But the vegetables won't include brocolli -- I hope you like mushrooms.Thirty dollars should be plenty for one of their ch... Read More »