When is pancake tuesday?

Answer next tuesday the 20th

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How much syrup should you put on a pancake?

On One Hand: Delicious ComplementSyrup can be a delicious complement to a pancake meal. The amount of syrup any one person uses to top a stack of pancakes can certainly vary. Even though syrup is t... Read More »

Can pancake mix spoil?

Pancake mix is a staple that you can keep in your pantry or cupboard for about a year to 18 months. Pancake mix does not spoil unless it becomes moist. The baking powder or other active ingredients... Read More »

Does pancake mix have yeast in it?

Commercially produced pancake mixes do not contain yeast. The leavening agent used in pancake mixes consists primarily of sodium bicarbonate, sodium aluminum phosphate and monocalcium phosphate. Ot... Read More »

How many calories are there in this pancake?

Go for the pancakes. Eat something you like at least once or twice a week. It isn't going to kill you. Although, one thing leads to another. If you want to keep fit and succeed your mission, don't ... Read More »