If I hide my birthday on my profile, will Facebook still inform my friends when it is my birthday?

Answer I don't think you should hide your birthday. It will not inform people of your birthday on Facebook if you hide it. And it is very helpful to check someones facebook to find out their birthday. I m... Read More »

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When should I send out my kids' birthday party invites for a combo birthday party and a few q re etiquette?

About 3 weeks to a month at most it gives them time to take off work or make sure there free but not so early that they won't remember. And its not rude just put gifts optional and list things your... Read More »

When is drake bell coming back to nick?

Nick & nick jr. are two different channal?

When did nick park first create"wallace&gromit"?

Nick Park began working on the first installment of the Wallace and Gromit series titled "A Grand Day Out with Wallace and Gromit" in 1984. The short film was finally released in the UK in 1990, an... Read More »