When is next iPhone upgrade after 3GS?

Answer same time every year most likely in september

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I got an early upgrade for an iPhone 3GS in February 2012 from AT&T when will my next upgrade be?

18 months from your last upgrade. You can also check by pressing STAR-NEW-POUND on your keypad then press SEND. They will send you a free text message.

I asked my mom 4 a iPhone for Christmas but she say that I should wait until next year when I get a upgrade ?

every year apple releases new models always best to wait seeing most carriers let you update only once monthly

When is the next iPhone after the iphone4S coming out?

i predict that the iPhone 5 will come out around march/april 2012 just a prediction based on fact but no real evidence

Can you upgrade to the next iPhone but keep all your progress and levels on games?

Go to settings, then, then sounds, then ringtone. Assign to a contact.